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Firetruck model.png
Context typeUncommon Car
Seats2 seats
Trunk storage30 slots (6 × 5)
Starting health500 to 600 health
Maximum health700 health
Starting fuel200 to 400 liters
Fuel capacity2250 liters
Maximum speedForward: 65.25 kph (40.54 mph)
Reverse: 21.6 kph (13.42 mph)
Steering24° to 48° degrees of steering
Braking32 brake force
TractionTires have traction in snow.
Tire invulnerabilityTires cannot be destroyed, replaced, or removed.

The Firetruck is a car in Unturned (version 3). Sirens can be activated with Ctrl, which will also activate the light bar.


Firetrucks can be found near, or inside, fire stations. On some maps, they may appear inside airport hangars.

The normal variant can be found on the PEI, Washington, Yukon, and Russia maps. The European variant is available in Germany.


There are two variants of the Firetruck, which are obtainable on different maps. They are functionally and statistically identical, with the only difference being their aesthetic appearance.

The normal variant is a dark red truck with six wheels. Exposed pump panels are located on both sides of the vehicle, and a red and blue light bar sits atop the vehicle.

The European variant is nearly aesthetically identical to the normal variant. Rather than being painted a dark red, the European variant is a light red instead. The European variant's emergency vehicle lights are only blue, rather than red and blue.

Image Variant ID
Firetruck profile.png Normal 34
Firetruck German profile.png European 167


  • A fire engine (also known as a fire truck or fire lorry) is a road vehicle that functions as a firefighting apparatus.