February 5, 2021 patch

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Regular Update

Network Packing Changes:[edit]

The main goal for Unturned this year is to rewrite the netcode, and this update lays the foundation for that by rewriting the code for converting game data (e.g. position, rotation) to and from bytes sent over the network. Client and server performance should be slightly improved by this replacement, and since packing is done at the bit level rather than byte level now more data can be sent with less bandwidth. This is only the beginning however!

Update Notes:[edit]


  • Weather_Status and Weather_Blend_Alpha condition types for NPCs.
  • Per-level custom weather scheduling and multipliers in server config.


  • Rewrote underlying network serialization / deserialization code.
  • Name filters apply to friends-only nickname as well.
  • Experimenting with updating uGUI visibility at end of frame to avoid flickering artifact.
  • Options menu shows horizontal and vertical field of view.
  • Removed unnecessary icons from the extras folder. They can still be generated from the editor.


  • NPC vendor menu not releasing buttons properly.
  • Terrain poking through road in one spot on a steep Germany hill.
  • Covered a stuck spot on the cliffside to Germany mountain stronghold.
  • Rotating equipped items by swapping with a rotated item in storage.
  • Potential problem loading options with huge number of supported resolutions.
  • Several unnecessary example files accidentally included with the dedicated server.
  • Log file accidentally included in the 64-bit Windows depot.
  • Crafting, skills and map hotkeys in levels with them disabled.