February 26, 2021 patch

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Regular Update

Update Notes:[edit]


  • Game version check on server lobby screen.


  • Rewrote network messaging code. See details below.
  • Moved Washington Arena out of the core install into an optional workshop file.
  • Updated Alpha Valley and Washington to use road splines.
  • Client compares workshop file timestamp similarly to server change from the last update.
  • Blacklisted servers cannot be joined.


  • Blending out weather after set to none.
  • Elver radio backpack light mirroring on left-handed characters.
  • Helicopters and blimps use configured engine pitch.
  • Include terrain materials in level hash.
  • Spending NPC currency while currency condition is active.

Network Messaging Changes:[edit]

Following the network packing rewrite from earlier this month the code responsible for low-level network messages like the queue, authentication, BattlEye, etc has been rewritten. These systems are now more performant, resilient, and sets the foundation for the next step: game netcode improvements.

Important notice for plugin developers: the next set of network changes will remove support for RPC onTriggerSend and onTriggerReceive. If your plugins are using them please discuss here and we will find an alternative: Issue Tracker

Patch #1:[edit]

Older plugins manually sending RPCs were causing players to get kicked because of an oversight when changing some messaging constants. For the common case these older values are remapped to the new ones now, however recompiling with the or update is recommended. Note that manually sending RPCs is not officially supported.


Last eight gameplay config using wrong values on client because it was off by one bit. Punches not invoking Rocket backwards compatibility event.