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During the development of Unturned (version 3), several playable maps were created to facilitate the testing of new features and additions.


Devtest was the first playable map added to Unturned, and was used during the game's early development while new content and features were introduced. It was 512 m2 in size, on the survival game mode.

It featured two main areas – the "Town" in the center of the map, and the "Farm" in the top-right. An unnamed lake was located south of the farm, with a road network connecting the main locations on the map. Billboards dedicated to various notable community members at the time could be found along the roads.

The map was updated several times as new content was introduced to the game. It received holiday-themed content for the Halloween and Christmas seasons. Although the map was eventually removed, it would later return as the Alpha Valley arena map.

Devtest 2

Devtest 2 was a test map used to introduce and develop content regarding snow, temperature, and other new content. The map introduced assets such as ice sheets and decorative icicles, pine trees, and the Grizzly.

It was a snowy 1024 m2 map, on the survival game mode. The center of the map, and the primary spawn point for players, had a barn next to a frozen lake. A gravestone was hidden near the back of the barn, which often spawned the newly-added Grizzly. A car was buried in the snow near the barn.


largetest was created as an experimental development map to test the capabilities of a larger map size. It was only intended for internal testing, but was accidentally made public on December 2, 2014. The map was subsequently deleted two days later on December 4, but the larger map size would later be used for the Canada map.

The map was 4096 m2 in size, on the survival game mode.


Flatgrass was a development test map that was publicly available to players from February 16, 2015 to February 22, 2015. The map was used to test network performance improvements with many players in a small area, and a different lighting system.

The map received additional improvements to the lighting on February 19 and February 20, with its last patch on February 21 meant to introduce "more cinematic" lighting improvements. Additionally, a network tweak was also pushed through during this update, although it would be scaled down and subsequently outright reverted within the next two days. The Flatgrass map was removed from the game on February 22, 2015. This same patch, the Canada map had changes made to its lighting based on feedback from Flatgrass.

Aesthetically, it was a flat, grassy map with roughly a dozen boulders scattered about the center in a circular formation. The grass at the center of the formation was more yellow in comparison to the rest of the map. It was 1024 m2 in size, on the survival game mode.


Destruction is a playable map that was introduced alongside object destructibility, and was meant to showcase all of the various objects that could now be destroyed by players, such as billboards and fences. The map was later updated to also feature an example setup for trains, custom gameplay settings, and an infinite staircase. It is a 512 m2 in size, on a custom "Test" game mode. It is the only playable test map currently available in Unturned and is the only map with a third-person view that is located directly behind the character.


Devtest3 was meant to be a publicly-playable test map, and was originally planned to release alongside the introduction of NPCs as to showcase the new features. However, the map was never made public. It can still be seen in screenshots that appeared in game updates made around the same time NPCs were first in development.

The map had completely flat geography with a couple of trees. At least three NPCs were present on the map, which would have showcased the basic NPC functionality of dialogue, quests, and vending. It was 512 m2 in size, on the survival game mode.


Devtest4 was a development test map that showcased various features of the Devkit Editor, such as custom map sizes.

The map was constructed with tiles, in an irregular and non-square rectangular shape. Several areas on the map have holes going through the terrain, which are achieved with hole volumes as opposed to carving away terrain or creating fake terrain via objects. An example of a waterfall is included on the map. Grassy bridges, made with the slope tool, connect various parts of the map together.


Update history

September 27, 2014 patch

  • Added invisible barriers around the Devtest map.
  • Increased spawn rate of all items on Devtest map.
  • Fixed black texture borders around the Devtest map.