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This is a removed feature.
This page contains content that has since been removed from the game.

The devkit (short for "development kit") level editor was one of two level editors available to players. The devkit was slowly deprecated throughout the 2022 year, and eventually removed in its entirety with the November 11, 2022 patch.

The devkit was more technically advanced compared to the legacy editor, and was intended to eventually supersede it. Although the devkit included many more tools, configuration options, optimizations, and quality-of-life changes over the legacy level editor, it was generally regarded as having been much more difficult to use. Additionally, certain level editing tasks would still require using the legacy level editor, despite the devkit's additional features. By the time the devkit was removed, a majority of its unique features were merged into the legacy editor instead.

Unique features

At the time, many level editing features were exclusive to the devkit editor.

  • An "Inspector" tool for configuring of an asset's unique properties, or its general characteristics such as size and coordinate position.
  • Uploading and updating content onto the Steam Workshop.
  • Tile-based terrain, allowing for custom map sizes.
  • Using more than eight materials per map.
  • Landscape hole volumes, allowing for the creation of underground areas.