December 8, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added ranger spawns to crashed washing machines
  • Added zubeknakov. (ID 122)
  • Added ranger magazine. (ID 123)
  • Added zubeknakov iron sights. (ID 124)
  • Added ranger drum. (ID 125)
  • Added nykorev. (ID 126)
  • Added nykorev box. (ID 127)
  • Added nykorev iron sights. (ID 128)
  • Added snayperskya. (ID 129)
  • Added snayperskya magazine. (ID 130)
  • Added snayperskya sights. (ID 131)
  • Added metal ladders.
  • Added recoil reduction when crouched and prone.
  • Added shake reduction to grips.
  • Added message when no blueprints are available.
  • Added tons more info to the debug command in console which will be retrieved from big server owners over the next few days to really help find what needs to be optimized.


  • Improved zombie structure interactions.
  • Death music only plays when it wasn't a suicide.
  • Blueprints show up if it's repair or ammo when the item is present or if any ingredient is present when it's not that.


  • Decreased duration of visions.
  • Disabled building foundations on second floor.


  • Fixed inventory scrollbar.
  • Fixed hawkhound ammunition refilling.
  • Fixed several performance issues with zombies on client.
  • Fixed vehicle and player interpolation performance on client.
  • Fixed a performance issue with player movement on the server.
  • Fixed a performance issue with vehicles and zombies on the server.
  • Fixed serverside foundation.
  • Fixed hitmarker on vehicle when dead.
  • Fixed bush floating through loading screen.