December 4, 2020 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Unturned II

Game version is now,681.


  • Basic version of changing into a zombie after death. (/zombify)
  • Fists melee and brass knuckles.
  • Teleport (/tp), "Who Is" (/whois) and "Who Am I" (/whoami) commands.
  • Pausing in menu, /pause and /unpause commands.
  • Viewmodel sway while walking and recoil.
  • Player-list in dashboard.


  • Wearable items for the same slot cannot be worn simultaneously. Will be replaced with a more user-friendly system in the future.
  • Time-based key bindings no longer affected by time dilation.


  • Stance replication bug introduced between engine merges.
  • Jitter when aiming down sights in subordinate hand.
  • Consuming armor plates for health.
  • Left-handed axe hit detection.
  • Pistol dry fire blend out.
  • Laser tick dependency on aim tick.