December 31, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added ability to slide on ice.
  • Added traction to off roaders, trucks, vans, fire trucks and police cars.
  • Added reduced handling and brake effectiveness when driving bad traction vehicles in blizzardy conditions.
  • Added new structure placement system to snap buildables based on look direction as oppposed to looking at the floor.
  • Added ability to press F1-F8 keys in editor to toggle visibility.


  • Turning sirens on alerts all zombies regardless of speed.
  • Improved 16x scope model.
  • Scope accuracy improvement only applies when aiming.
  • Structures scale down a bit when destroyed to pop out better.
  • Improved level ownership enforcement slightly.


  • Guns no longer spawn with the safety on.
  • Decreased zoom on shadowstalker scope and increased damage versus all targets.
  • Increased loot density.
  • Increased contrast of midday lighting due to popular request. (Is this better? Let me know.)


  • Fixed air traffic control tower missing navigation data.
  • Fixed default map Devtest set to Canada.
  • Fixed naked militia zombies.
  • Fixed swapping firemodes while aiming.
  • Fixed snow at top of lighthouse.
  • Fixed asset refresh delegate getting assigned multiple times.
  • Fixed some very misaligned roads.
  • Fixed climbing RCMP towers.
  • Fixed structure wall detect radius.
  • Fixed some underground player spawns.
  • Fixed bridges higher than roads.
  • Fixed selected level index changing without updating the text.
  • Fixed road height in Ontario.
  • Fixed punching animations not cancelling other gestures.
  • Fixed floating roads.
  • Fixed hockey tree in the Yukon.
  • Fixed broken editor map selection.