December 24, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added backdrop editor to create some vistas surrounding your map. This is basically a 1/4 resolution version of the terrain without details to help make the world seem bigger, such as the mainland on PEI. All terrain tools should work with this, so let me know if something doesn't.
  • Added world chat. (J)
  • Added area chat inside 128. (K)
  • Added group chat. (L)
  • Added gestures menu. (C) Perform an action or click surrender again to stop surrendering.
  • Added ability to scroll through chat.
  • Added auto search through inventory to find a replacement item when done using a consumeable item such as a grenade or barricade.
  • Added hints for controls and interactions.
  • Added option to disable hints.
  • Added information at bottom of screen in editor about hotkeys and current object.
  • Added hotkey labels to buttons for tools.


  • Moved hitmarker onto server to prevent false positives.
  • Improved placement of vehicle information.
  • Improved gun information.
  • Improved support for mixed animations.
  • Underwater vehicles are deleted when leaving the game so you don't have to wait for it to respawn.


  • Increased firetruck speed.
  • Raised max players to 32 just to see how well it works.


  • Fixed moving objects outside map border.
  • Fixed headlights and sirens disabled on server.
  • Fixed not being able to put resources near map border.
  • Fixed top and bottom range of material baking.
  • Fixed importance of other player flashlights.
  • Fixed pickup cancelling out equip.
  • Fixed vehicle ignition when underwater.
  • Fixed starting chatting while performing another action.
  • Fixed melee/gun interact request getting muddled up.
  • Fixed quality update with using items not applying.
  • Fixed crash when number of zombie regions and navigation regions differed.
  • Fixed vehicle blocking explosion.