December 21, 2014 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

Game version is now


  • Added sirens and horns. (Ctrl for sirens, left click for horn.)
  • Added hatchback. (IDs 9-16)
  • Added truck. (IDs 17-24)
  • Added sedan. (IDs 25-32)
  • Added police car. (ID 33)
  • Added firetruck. (ID 34)
  • Added van. (IDs 35-42)
  • Added roadster. (IDs 43-50)
  • Added wrecked variants of literally every car and color to the editor.
  • Added santa hat. (ID 278)
  • Added santa top. (ID 279)
  • Added santa bottom. (ID 280)
  • Added player agro tracking so that zombies only take sideways routes when other zombies are already rushing.
  • Added noise when toggling vehicle headlights.


  • Improved clientside movement interpolation.
  • Improved serverside vehicles to maintain velocity after exit.
  • Zombie detection versus vehicles is determined by how fast the vehicle is going.
  • Improved vehicle traction when reversing.
  • Fires and smoke stick around after a vehicle explodes.


  • Increased max players to 18. Each time the server is more optimized the max players goes up.
  • Increased base and decreased treble of offroader engine.
  • Increased height of flashlight.
  • Increase visibility of pain flashes.
  • Increased mega zombie damage.
  • Removed a couple mega zombie spawns on Devtest.


  • Fixed physical clothing on characters literally stopping bullets.
  • Fixed cover against explosions.
  • Fixed vehicles going too fast healing zombies.
  • Fixed group name showing up in top left.
  • Fixed clicking on head taking off shirt.
  • Fixed picking up items while dead.
  • Fixed explosions killing players in PvE.
  • Fixed offset of mouse clicks on the inventory character screen.
  • Fixed vehicle navigation getting out of sync.
  • Fixed vehicle tier reset.
  • Fixed running over friends in a group.
  • Fixed crosshair enabling after swapping stance while aiming.