December 10, 2021 patch

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Patch notes

  • Game version is now

Holiday Festivities

Holiday Festives Update.png

PEI, Washington, the Yukon and Russia all feature new festive quests created by danaby2! This event includes achievements with unlockable skins, craftable Christmas decorations, seasonal makeovers for the NPCs and maps, and more!

You can disable these changes by unchecking "Allow Holidays" in the singleplayer config, or change "Allow_Holidays" to false in the server config.



  • New festive events and quests. [Thanks danaby2!]
  • Decay for abandoned vehicles. Moving, refueling, and installing engine batteries resets the timer.
  • Guid option for NPC clothes and item reward/condition.
  • Target_Loss_Radius option for sentry guns. Defaults to 20% higher than Detection_Radius.
  • Bulk sell/buy at vendors when holding CTRL.
  • Vendors can use NPC rewards.
  • Accepted a few festive skins from the curated workshop.


  • Updated Steamworks.NET from 14.0.0 to 20.0.0. [Thanks Riley!]
  • Sentry guns do not lose targets immediately outside detection radius.
  • Increased breaking legs velocity threshold from 15m/s to 22m/s.
  • Converted clothing and equipment save/load/network to use asset guids.
  • Bullet holes attach to barricades/structures/vehicles.


  • Landing and splashing audio playing during client movement resimulation.
  • Loading stuck on levels with very old terrain and ambience asset bundles.
  • Ornamental barbed wire fence blueprint not matching regular barbed wire fence.
  • Loading lighting on some very old map files.
  • Trap explosion effect moving to origin when trap was destroyed.
  • Holiday version of Icicle_1 object using Icicle_0 model.
  • Server not applying initially loaded clothing speed multiplier.
  • Placeholder fix for terrain holes ignored after teleport.
  • Holiday redirect failing to disable foliage.
  • Gun aim offset while seated in vehicle.

Vehicle Decay

In order to help clean up forgotten vehicles in the far corners of the map, each vehicle now has a decay timer. The timer is saved/loaded, and resets whenever a player drives the vehicle more than one meter, refuels, or replaces the battery. When the timer passes Vehicle.Decay_Time seconds (default 7 days) it will begin to take Vehicles.Decay_Damage_Per_Second damage (default 0.1).