Collapsed tunnels in Washington

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Collapsed tunnel checkpoints
Washington west tunnel.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

There are multiple collapsed tunnel checkpoints in Washington. There are three tunnel checkpoints: one in each region of the map, connected to the primary road network. All of these locations have a light military presence, where zombies and low-end military-grade items can spawn. High-end military equipment can rarely spawn in the open weapon cases at any of the checkpoints. Military vehicles can also spawn at any of the three checkpoints, including a Desert Tank.

The largest checkpoint is located at the west tunnel collapse. It has the largest military presence, but also the highest number of potential loot spawns. Unlike the other checkpoints, it is quite visually distinct with its tall, reinforced concrete walls that have been built in front of the tunnel's entrance.

The smallest checkpoint is located at the northeast tunnel collapse. It has the fewest loot spawns, yet the the second more zombies than the south checkpoint. However, it is unique in that high-end military equipment can rarely spawn inside of the destroyed vehicle, in addition to the open weapon case. Thus out of the three tunnel checkpoints, the northeast tunnel has the greatest potential to provide high-end military items.