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Cobra Magazine
Cobra 20 100.png
Low caliber civilian grade Cobra magazine. Designed to fit 20 rounds.
File nameID
Context typeRare Magazine Attachment
Size1 slots (1 × 1)
Capacity20 rounds (spawns with 5‒15 rounds)
RefillabilityLow Caliber Civilian Ammunition Box
Caliber 4 ammunition
  • Cobra   [DEF]
TracerTracer 48 effect

The Cobra Magazine is a Rare Magazine Attachment in Unturned (version 3).


Cobra Magazines have a caliber ID of 4, with a maximum capacity of 20 rounds. It is the default magazine for the Cobra on all official and curated maps in which it spawns.

This magazine attachment can be refilled via the Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Box

Although only holding half as many rounds as the Cobra Box, the Cobra Magazine takes up less slots in the inventory and spawns much more frequently than its extended counterpart.


The Cobra Magazine can spawn at police locations on all maps, including riot locations in France.


  • Interesting enough, despite being based on a standard Glock magazine, none of the factory-made Glock magazines have a capacity of twenty rounds.