Bounce Charge

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Bounce Charge
Charge Bounce 1691.png
Remotely detonated jumping explosive.
Context typeEpic Remote Charge
Size1 slot (1 × 1)
Buildable typeCharge
Health1 health
Placement range4 meters
VulnerableVulnerable to all damage sources.
UnrepairableCannot be repaired.
Explosion-proofImmune to explosive damage.
Internal ID: 1691

The Bounce Charge is a type of remote charge in Unturned (version 3). It can be activated by using a Detonator. Unlike other remote charges, it has the unique ability to launch players when detonated, and can be used to jump large distances. It deals a very small amount of damage to players, zombies, and animals.


It can be crafted.


Damage values
Explosion Player Zombie Animal
10 m radius
50 m/s launch speed
4 4 4
Construct damage
Barricade Structure Vehicle Resource
0 0 0 0
Object Invulnerability negation
0 Bypasses invulnerability.


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Tools Wire + Raw Explosives + Sticky Grenade
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Crafting II
Arrow rightwards wht.png
Bounce Charge


  • It is the first item added to the game capable of launching players with an explosion.