August 6, 2021 patch

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Regular Update



  • UI button to send chat message.
  • Experience modifier for consumeable items.
  • Level option to disable faster admin salvage duration.
  • Support for deferring RPCs when target object does not exist yet.
  • Ireland visited achievement.


  • Support rich text in object notes.
  • Plugin change UI text RPC looks for input field components.
  • Clipboard hotkey copies server details.
  • NPC global events are replicated to all clients.
  • Time-slice item, barricade, and structure loading in multiplayer.


  • Slightly misaligned train tunnel on Russia map.
  • Verify integrity of client vehicle physics profile on server.
  • Kill counter position on paddle.

Barricade and Structure Changes:[edit]

Rather than freezing for several seconds when loading or unloading large bases in multiplayer, the work is now spread over multiple frames at a slightly lower framerate. This is hopefully better, but certainly not perfect yet. These improvements depended on the netcode rewrites from earlier this year, and likewise further improvements will depend on this update. For more technical details:

Read about the motivations and priorities behind this rewrite

Big thanks to PandahutMiku for extensive help testing and providing feedback on these changes!

Server Monetization Rule Addition:[edit]

There was a minor addition to the server monetization rules: "Fictitious and deceptive pricing is not allowed. For example, lying that a discount is nearly expired, or pretending the price is discounted when it has never been at full price. We would strongly advise following Steam's discounting rules to help avoid breaking any real-world laws."

Unlike the previous rules there was no prolonged advanced warning period because this seems like an obvious rule that should not have needed explicitly stating.