August 2, 2019 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Game version is now


  • Improved performance on the Firing Range map by integrating the Unreal "significance manager". The animation update rate is reduced for insignificant objects, which is dtermined by their distance from the player and how much the player is looking at them.
  • Implemented a "character footstep component" which can be used by players, zombies, etc. A certain number of nearby components can be prioritized by the significance manager to improve quality and performance.
  • Improved blueprint processing time for the Firing Range blueprint mod.
  • Adjusted most of the constructor defaults to more performance-friendly choices.


  • Added placeholder item respawn timers for storage containers.
  • Snow is now visible on the CQC building to clear up confusion over the footstep audio. Future buildings will have tessellation for roof geometry so it will not be flat.
  • Dragging an item over an invalid destination explains the error now.
  • Steam announcements are now cached in-case the request fails.


  • Hosting listen server should no longer clamp frame rate.
  • Corrected gunshot attenuation distances back up to several hundred meters. They had somehow been set to a measly ~20m.
  • Reduced stretching on bullet hole decals.
  • Capsule floor result is now used as a fallback for footstep noises when the animated foot is not planted. This prevents silent footsteps while walking near an edge.
  • Fixed character idle pose when using a two-handed weapon in the left-hand slot.
  • Fixed some item drag-drop highlight bugs.
  • Fixed interactor radial menu staying open.
  • Fixed not ending item drag in a few cases.
  • Fixed several snow and foliage displacement bugs in particular related to the first few seconds after loading into the map.
  • Fixed pressing the respawn key while alive.
  • Fixed interacting with corpse totem in multiplayer when ragdoll is far away.