August 12, 2022 patch

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Patch notes[edit]

  • Game version is now as of patch 1, and as of patch 2.

Patch 1


  • Walls and pillars can be snapped above and below existing walls.
  • "The Bridge Where It Rains" music by staswalle on Washington loading screen.
  • Screenshot resolution multiplier and supersampling option. For example supersampling with a 4x multiplier at 1920x1080 will produce a 15360x8640 screenshot downsampled to 7680x4320.
  • New editor for "devkit" volumes in the regular level editor.
  • Box move (double-press Q) and box resize (double-press R) transform tool modes.
  • Level editor option to disable underwater effects.
  • Customizable acceleration, deceleration and max walk speed for physics materials.
  • Enable_Participant_Scaling option for horde beacon per-item. Defaults to true.
  • InspectAudioDef option for equippable items.
  • OnGameUpdateDetected event for plugins.
  • Is_Full_Moon NPC condition.


  • Roofs no longer require pillars for placement.
  • Improved precision of triangle floor overlap test by approximating with six boxes rather than three. This helps reduce false "blocked by" warnings.
  • Hide item action if quest conditions are not met.
  • Clip.prefab is no longer necessary for trees and objects.
  • Barrels can override muzzle flash position with "Muzzle" transform.
  • Destructible objects can use tree blade ID.
  • Tweaked the placement of blue trash bags at the Seattle construction site dumpster to reduce clipping and make them easier to safely land on.
  • Adjusted chart colors of all vanilla maps, as well as how PEI boulders, Washington boulders, and Russia quest lasers appear on charts.
  • Updated icons, preview images, loading screens, charts, and satellite views of all vanilla maps.
  • Unified barricade/structure editor, regular objects editor, and volumes editor transform handles.
  • Game now handles Steam overlay screenshot requests.
  • Screenshots no longer overwrite each other and can appear on the startup loading screen.


  • Vanilla pre-placed blood decals are not loaded if blood splatters are disabled.
  • Human animation template leg roll.
  • Potential problem with per-level version kick, log when unable to parse version.
  • Housing ramp blocking pillar and wall placement two floors below.
  • Holiday items visible in stylized chart capture.
  • Effect spawn position when forageable bushes are destroyed.
  • Roads that should have been curved on Germany.
  • Spot where the road was partially covered by the terrain on Germany.
  • All of the road guardrails on the Germany map to face inwards rather than outwards.
  • Removed some boulders that were located under the map terrain on Russia.
  • Incorrect materials being used out-of-bounds on Russia.
  • Typo for the ragdoll removal tool where the item name was misspelled.
  • Icon dimensions of many cosmetics to improve the quality of their high-res icons.


  • Fixed character limit on weather preview GUID field and terrain layer GUID field.
  • Adjusted default chart colors used by newly-created maps.

Patch 2


  • All weapons being treated as having bladeID 0.
  • Preserve old scale pivot snapping behavior.
  • Kill volumes not killing.