April 23, 2021 patch

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Regular Update



  • Gentle snowfall on Yukon map rather than spans without weather.
  • Peak normalization for inbound voice chat.
  • Per-material bullet and shell casing impact audio.
  • New per-material bullet impact audio.
  • Double and triple stacked upgrades of the Experienced Beret.


  • Updated older core.content assets to newer format. This enables multiplayer file integrity checks for terrain textures.


  • Large slippery metal plate was vulnerable to lowcal.
  • Crafting exception if canteen had invalid state.
  • Workaround for deferred decals using wrong ambient light values.
  • Not updating vehicle speed units label when changing unit system in-game.

Yukon Snowfall:[edit]

In early versions of Yukon the blizzarding weather was permanent, but it was brutal not having any respite. A later change introduced periods of clear skies, but the unrestricted sight-lines interfered with the balancing. This update replaces the clear skies with gentle snowfall which limits sight-lines, but not as much as the blizzard, and does not freeze the player. Existing saves will cycle the scheduled weather before taking effect.

Voice Chat Normalization:[edit]

Most players should have the same apparent loudness now. This replaces the inbound voice chat gain option. Depending on feedback there may need to be some further adjustments, so please share your thoughts.

Bullet Audio:[edit]

Bullet impact, bullet casing bounce, and shell casing bounce sounds have been replaced on most surfaces. These may need some tuning, so please share your feedback. In particular the bullet casing sounds were designed towards the metallic sounding bounce which might be a little too loud? For modders please note that the *_NoAudio effect variants are temporary until the visual effects are upgraded.

Older *.content Bundle Deprecation:[edit]

Terrain materials, along with a few miscellaneous other file types, were still being kept in an older asset bundle format. Unlike the newer format these files did not have integrity tests in multiplayer, so players could delete the terrain materials for an advantage. All vanilla usage of the old format has been replaced, as well as on the Hawaii and Greece maps. Support for the old format will be kept for the foreseeable future, but please consider upgrading.