April 1, 2022 patch

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Patch notes

  • Update Notes



  • Mask when camera near clip plane intersects water.
  • PvP damage penalty when client is potentially faking lag. (e.g. "lag switch")
  • Added the Biohazard Zombie Plush (unlisted patch).


  • Various minor gameplay balance adjustments. (detailed below)
  • Render sky fog before transparent objects. Water transparency renders sky fog in forward pass.
  • Updated Unity from 2019.4.35f1 to 2019.4.37f1.
  • Converted hardcoded Anastasia door to text chat component + IOBS component.


  • Warning when item blueprints have identical conditions.
  • Leftover holiday chicken on Liberator. [Thanks danaby2]
  • Capturing satellite image when assets are missing from level.
  • Singleplayer pause menu also pauses audio globally. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte]

Underwater Mask:

Underwater Mask.png

The lower-left of this screenshot would previously have been a clear view of underwater zones, but now gets filled with the water color. This should help protect secret underwater locations and bases.

Fake Lag Threshold:

In recent weeks the exploit of artificially delaying game packets AKA "lag switching" has become more of a nuisance. To combat this, a new setting in the server Config.json file "Fake_Lag_Threshold_Seconds" has been added with a default value of 3 seconds. If there is a delay between input packets from the client greater than this threshold they will be penalized for a corresponding duration minus one second. For example if the threshold is 3 seconds and the server does not receive any inputs from a client for 3.2 seconds, they will be under penalty for 2.2 seconds.

During a fake lag penalty the client's damage against other players is multiplied by the "Fake_Lag_Damage_Penalty_Multiplier" setting which defaults to 0.1 or 10%. For example if the multiplier is 0.2 then the client will only deal 20% gun and melee damage against other players while under penalty.

Unfortunately false positives are relatively likely if the client framerate hitches, for example while loading a dense region. With the netcode rewrites of the past year these hitches should gradually be ironed out, but for the meantime the "Fake_Lag_Log_Warnings" setting can be enabled to help tune the threshold.