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Alberton, PEI

Alberton is a coastal city in PEI. It features a large container port, where containerized cargo would have normally been loaded and unloaded via container cranes. A cargo ship named the SS Haven is docked in the container port. Due to the harbor and the various stores, a strong variety of different loot groups can be found in the city.

Points of interest[edit]

Photo Name Description
Bank Alberton.jpg Bank The bank vault has been broken into, and contains various ranger-grade firearms and other militia loot. There are also multiple ATMs in the bank, which can be powered and then looted.
Cafe Alberton.jpg Café An abundance of food and drinks can spawn at the café.
Clothes Alberton.jpg Clothes store An abundance of clothing items can be found in the clothes store.
Harbor Alberton.jpg Harbor A large container port, with an abundance of construction materials. Many of the shipping containers can be opened, and the docked ship can be boarded from the north side. There is a small parking lot, where civilian vehicles may spawn.
Laundromat Alberton.jpg Laundromat An abundance of clothing can be found inside the laundromat. The washing machines and dryers can be opened, and they may have clothing items inside.
PizzaStore Alberton.jpg Pizza store Simple produce and ingredients can spawn in the kitchen of the pizza store. Other types of drinks and foods will typically spawn inside the glass door freezers. There are two vending machines in the store, which can be powered and then looted.
PostOffice Alberton.jpg Post office Various crafting materials can be found at the post office.
Practitioner Alberton.jpg Practitioner Medicinal items can be found at the practitioner.


  • The real Canadian town of Alberton functions as a service center for local fishing and farming communities.