Adaptive Chambering

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Adaptive Chambering
Adaptive Chambering 1007.png
Firing chamber upgrade. Increases firerate.
Context typeEpic Tactical Attachment
Size1 slots (1 × 1)
Fire rateDecreases value used in fire rate calculations by 1, which increases actual rate of fire.
Internal ID: 1007

The Adaptive Chambering is a tactical attachment in Unturned (version 3). It is an internal modification to the firing chamber, which passively increases the rate of fire of the ranged weapon it is attached to. It does so by lowering the value used in fire rate calculations, thus increasing actual rate of fire. It has a marginal effect on weapons with a remarkably slow rate of fire, such as sniper rifles. The passive effect of the Adaptive Chambering gets exponentially better when used on weapons that already have a high rate of fire.

It can be attached to any ranged weapon with a tactical attachment hook.


The attachment can be found at most military locations, and other places or sources with high-end military-grade loot.