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Achievements are earned by performing various tasks in Unturned (version 3).

Desktop version[edit]

Steam Achievements are available to players playing on the desktop version of the game available through Steam. There are a total of 46 achievements.

Achievement Notes
Achievement icon Welcome to PEI.jpg
  • Welcome to PEI
  • Find your way to Prince Edward Island.
  • Play on the PEI map.
Achievement icon A Bridge Too Far.jpg
  • A Bridge Too Far
  • Fail to contain the virus.
  • Reach the end of the Confederation Bridge, located in PEI.
Achievement icon Mastermind.jpg
  • Mastermind
  • Fully learn all your skills.
  • Max out every skill in the offense, defense, and support skill trees.
Achievement icon Offense.jpg
  • Offense
  • Fully learn your offense skill tree.
Achievement icon Defense.jpg
  • Defense
  • Fully learn your defense skill tree.
Achievement icon Support.jpg
  • Support
  • Fully learn your support skill tree.
Achievement icon Experienced.jpg
  • Experienced
  • Gain yourself 1000 experience.
Achievement icon Hoarder.jpg
  • Hoarder
  • Find yourself 1000 items.
Achievement icon Outdoors.jpg
  • Outdoors
  • Harvest yourself 100 resources.
Achievement icon Psychopath.jpg
  • Psychopath
  • Kill 100 players.
Achievement icon Murderer.jpg
  • Murderer
  • Kill 10 players.
Achievement icon Survivor.jpg
  • Survivor
  • Kill 100 normal zombies.
Achievement icon Unturned.jpg
  • Unturned
  • Kill 1000 normal zombies.
Achievement icon Hardened.jpg
  • Hardened
  • Kill a mega zombie.
Achievement icon Forged.jpg
  • Forged
  • Kill 10 mega zombies.
Achievement icon Scavenger.jpg
  • Scavenger
  • Find yourself 100 items.
Achievement icon Camper.jpg
  • Camper
  • Harvest yourself 10 resources.
Achievement icon Schooled.jpg
  • Schooled
  • Gain yourself 100 experience.
Achievement icon Berries.jpg
  • Berries
  • !?
Achievement icon Accident Prone.jpg
  • Accident Prone
  • Die 10 times.
Achievement icon Behind the Wheel.jpg
  • Behind the Wheel
  • Find yourself a vehicle.
Achievement icon Welcome to the Yukon.jpg
  • Welcome to the Yukon
  • Find your way to the Yukon.
Achievement icon Welcome to Washington.jpg
  • Welcome to Washington
  • Find your way to Washington.
Achievement icon Graduation.jpg
  • Graduation
  • Complete your education.
Achievement icon Fishing.jpg
  • Fishing
  • Catch yourself 10 fish.
Achievement icon Crafting.jpg
  • Crafting
  • Craft yourself 100 items.
Achievement icon Farming.jpg
  • Farming
  • Grow yourself 100 plants.
Achievement icon Headshot.jpg
  • Headshot
  • Hit 100 headshots.
Achievement icon Sharpshooter.jpg
  • Sharpshooter
  • Hit 1000 headshots.
Achievement icon Hiking.jpg
  • Hiking
  • Travel 50,000 m on foot.
Achievement icon Roadtrip.jpg
  • Roadtrip
  • Travel 100,000 m by vehicle.
Achievement icon Champion.jpg
  • Champion
  • Win 3 arena matches.
Achievement icon Fortified.jpg
  • Fortified
  • Build yourself 250 objects.
Achievement icon Welcome to Russia.jpg
  • Welcome to Russia
  • Find your way to Russia.
Achievement icon Soulcrystal.jpg Soulcrystal
Achievement icon Paragon.jpg
  • Paragon
  • Attain a respected reputation.
  • Have a reputation of +200.
Achievement icon Villain.jpg
  • Villain
  • Attain an intimidating reputation.
  • Have a reputation of -200.
Achievement icon Mk. II.jpg Mk. II
Achievement icon Helping Hand.jpg
  • Helping Hand
  • Finish a quest.
Achievement icon Ensign.jpg
  • Ensign
  • Rise to Ensign rank in the Coalition.
Achievement icon Lieutenant.jpg
  • Lieutenant
  • Rise to Lieutenant rank in the Coalition.
Achievement icon Major.jpg
  • Major
  • Rise to Major rank in the Coalition.
Achievement icon Welcome to Hawaii.jpg
  • Welcome to Hawaii
  • Find your way to Hawaii.
Achievement icon Extinguished.jpg
  • Extinguished
  • Kill a magma zombie.
Achievement icon Welcome to Germany.jpg
  • Welcome to Germany
  • Find your way to Germany.
Achievement icon Secrets of Neuschwanstein.jpg Secrets of Neuschwanstein
Achievement icon Welcome to Kuwait.jpg
  • Welcome to Kuwait
  • Find your way to Kuwait.
Achievement icon Squeek.jpg
  • Squeek
  • Fish out a formidable foe.
Achievement icon Feline Friends.jpg
  • Feline Friends
  • Feed the cats some fish or milk.
Achievement icon Dinosaur Juice.jpg
  • Dinosaur Juice
  • Maybe not the best drink.
Achievement icon Home Decor.jpg
  • Home Decor
  • Craft some cute decor.
Achievement icon Always Watching.jpg
  • Always Watching
  • EYE; Sea; You.
Achievement icon Familiar Faces.jpg
  • Familiar Faces
  • Contact the Coalition on Kuwait... Eye; SEA; You.
Achievement icon Welcome to Ireland.jpg
  • Welcome to Ireland
  • Find your way to Ireland.

Removed achievements[edit]

As a part of the July 8, 2015 patch, fifteen achievements were removed from the game, which were only obtainable in Unturned (classic).

Achievement Notes
Achievement icon U2 Graduate.jpg
  • Graduate
  • Attempt learning.
  • Complete the tutorial.
Achievement icon U2 True Guts.jpg
  • True Guts
  • Consume some unsavory food.
  • Eat food that increases sickness.
Achievement icon U2 A Bridge Too Far.jpg
  • A Bridge Too Far
  • Find the other side of a bridge.
  • Reach the end of the Confederation Bridge.
Achievement icon U2 Chess.jpg
  • Chess
  • Find the 2014 chess tournament.
  • Go to Courtin Island and find the chessboard laying on a table.
Achievement icon U2 Skilled.jpg
  • Skilled
  • Fully learn a skill.
Achievement icon U2 A Day In The Sun.jpg
  • A Day In The Sun
  • Find someone having a good time.
  • Go to Oultons Isle and find the mannequin laying on a few boxes.
Achievement icon U2 Hoarder.jpg
  • Hoarder
  • Collect 1,000 items.
Achievement icon U2 Crimes Against Zombanity.jpg
  • Crimes Against Zombanity
  • Kill 1,000 zombies.
Achievement icon U2 Hunter.jpg
  • Hunter
  • Kill 100 animals.
Achievement icon U2 Outdoorsman.jpg
  • Outdoorsman
  • Collect 1,000 resources.
Achievement icon U2 Crimes Against Humanity.jpg
  • Crimes Against Humanity
  • Kill 100 players.
Achievement icon U2 Hero.jpg
  • Hero
  • Be a really nice person.
  • Have a reputation of +70.
Achievement icon U2 Bandit.jpg
  • Bandit
  • Be a really mean person.
  • Have a reputation of -70.
Achievement icon U2 Experienced.jpg
  • Experienced
  • Fully learn every skill.
Achievement icon U2 Knowledgeable.jpg
  • Knowledgeable
  • Acquire 10,000 experience.

Console version[edit]

Depending on the console platform, players can obtain different achievements, with different rewards for doing so. Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players can obtain achievements for their Microsoft account. Upon obtaining an Xbox achievement, the player is rewarded with Gamerscore points. PlayStation 4 players can obtain trophies of bronze, silver, gold, or platinum value, which are tied to their PlayStation Network (PSN) account.

Update history[edit]

May 10, 2021 patch

  • Added seven new achievements, for the curated Kuwait map.
    • Added the "Welcome to Kuwait" achievement.
    • Added the "Squeek" achievement.
    • Added the "Feline Friends" achievement.
    • Added the "Dinosaur Juice" achievement.
    • Added the "Home Decor" achievement.
    • Added the "Always Watching" achievement.
    • Added the "Familiar Faces" achievement.