7.62×51mm Ammo Crate

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7.62×51mm Ammo Crate
7.62x51mm Ammo Crate icon.png
Context TypeRare Item
Size4 slots (2 × 2)
Capacity200 rounds

The 7.62×51mm Ammo Crate is Rare Item in Unturned II.


Its nested storage can be filled with 7.62×51mm ammunition.


On the Firing Range, the 7.62×51mm Ammo Crate can be spawned indefinitely by interacting with a node.

On the CQC map, several can be found in a stack of cases within a locked room.

On the Sandbox map, it can only be found in a single Weapon Case, hidden outside on the first floor roof of a two-floor house. To reach it, the player must jump out through a second floor window.


  • The 7.62×51mm Ammo Crate was one of the first two ammo crates added to Unturned II, the other being the 5.56×45mm Ammo Crate.