12 Gauge Shells

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12 Gauge Shells
Shells 8 113.png
Civilian grade Bluntforce shells.
Context typeRare Magazine Attachment
Size1 slot (1 × 1)
Capacity8 rounds (spawns with 2‒7 rounds), deleted when empty
Pellets6 pellets per shot
Internal ID: 113

12 Gauge Shells are a type of magazine attachment in Unturned (version 3). The magazine attachment takes up one slot in the inventory, and has a maximum stack of eight shells. Compatible ranged weapons must have a caliber ID of 8.


12 Gauge Shells can be acquired from police locations on the Germany and Washington maps. In PEI and Yukon, it can instead be acquired from RCMP locations. In Germany specifically, shells also spawn at Syndicate locations, which is the map's equivalent to militia locations. Typical militia locations include bank vaults, some prison cells, and radio towers.

Care packages dropped on the Russia map may contain 12 Gauge Shells.

12 Gauge Shells may be indirectly acquired from the firearms it spawns loaded into by default. These firearms are the Bluntforce, Determinator, and Quadbarrel.


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Ammunition 12 Gauge Shells (amount1) + 12 Gauge Shells (amount2)
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Arrow rightwards wht.png
12 Gauge Shells (amount1+2)