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Washington level.png
Map SizeMedium
Game ModeSurvival
Rainy state South-West of Canada. Several large civilian towns with extensive military presence. Tourist attractions include Seattle, golf and racing. Recommended for intermediate survivors.

Washington is a playable map in Unturned (version 3).

The map was designed with a focus on player versus player combat, with military loot and firearms available across a majority of the map.


Washington features hilly topography, and is only divided up by the Puget Sound. Pine trees make up the entirety of the forested areas, but birches and maples can be found bordering towns and cities. Seattle, the largest city, features increased verticality with apartments, office complexes, and an elevated highway. There is a large military presence all throughout Washington.


  • Arlington Farm
  • Bellevue Golf Course
  • Camano Campground
  • Clearwater Campground
  • Everett
  • Heritage Valley
  • Kennewick Farm
  • Kent Raceway
  • Olympia Military Base
  • Paradise Point
  • Puget Sound
  • Rainbridge Island
  • Scorpion-7
  • Seattle
  • Shelton Farm
  • Tacoma

Unmarked locations

  • Collapsed tunnels
  • Destroyed military convoys
  • Radio towers
  • Sunken submarine
  • Transport Heli crash
  • UFO crash


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

On July 3, 1947, ships from the Polysol Federation conduct a resources report on Earth, and recommend keeping a patrol of the solar system to prevent pirates from attempting to steal any of planet's resources. Later that month, two Polysol Federation ships are shot down by the United States military after they failed to acknowledgement communications. One of the two ships land in Washington, and is documented as lost for some time.

Now 2018, a schoolgirl named Jane writes in her diary about a friend—Laura—who has not been to school in a while. Upon cycling to their farm, she is turned away by construction workers that are building a Scorpion-7 facility where the farm used to be.

Sometime after the Scorpion-7 facility has finished construction, the Scorpion-7 team uncovers the Polysol Federation spaceship that crashed in Washington. While working to recover the ship, they discover survivors that had entered an extended cryogenic sleep. These survivors are taken to an unknown area in the Scorpion-7 facility.

A Washington journalist who had noticed an increase in quality with the food served at Big J fast food restaurants plans to write about how they contracted Scorpion-7 to help in creating addictive chemicals for the food chain's food, and the experimentation on wild animals that occurred in the process. The journalist is in a local Big J fast food restaurant while drafting their news article.

A containment leak occurs at the Scorpion-7 facility in Washington after an issue occurs with a bioweapon contract. At 12:30 a.m., the military's Bravo Team is briefed to begin securing the facility, having to move in earlier than anticipated due to the leak.

On May 21, General Harken requests from Area 51 that all files regarding the Polysol Federation be forwarded to Olympia Military Base. Two days later, Area 51's Private Douglas sends the requested records and photos to General Harken. The documents are encrypted with a 128-bit AES key generated for May 23.

Following the outbreak, Scorpion-7 wakes the Polysol Federation survivors from their cryogenic sleep. Per their recommendation, Scorpion-7 reboot a project involving the use of the soulcrystal, located at a Scorpion-7 black site in an unknown American state, to try and hijack control of the infected. However, they are forced to retreat before they could succeed in any form.


  • The map is based on Washington state.
  • The achievement Welcome to Washington can only be obtained on this map.
  • Before its release, it was teased in a Trello card as the "Official American State Map".
    • Its card had the following brief description: "A darker map set somewhere in the United States with many pine trees, mountains, cover and height variation. This location was better prepared for the apocalypse, and the military attempted to fortify several locations."