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Smartly Dressed Games is an independent Canadian game studio founded by Nelson Sexton.


Nelson Sexton

Born on July 27, 1997, Nelson Sexton is the founder and sole employee of Smartly Dressed Games. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario with his girlfriend and Jasper the cat.

Nelson has used numerous aliases. These include: FriendlyBear, Timberwolf, Builderguy123, DeadzoneZackZak, Greg Stevens, RangerIcicle, and various variations thereof. Most commonly, Nelson represents himself as "SDGNelson."

Nelson can be contacted through his Twitter page, where he semi-frequently tweets about the latest update to Unturned, and occasionally about various things going on in his life. He also has several emails that can be used to reach him for assistance or support, an interest in partnering or business, an issue on the forum, or general contact.


Unturned II

Unturned II is the current flagship project of Smartly Dressed Games, and will be a free-to-play survival game available on Steam. It is the successor to Unturned.


Unturned was Smartly Dressed Games' previous main project, but is still being developed alongside its sequel Unturned II. It is a zombie survival game, and originally started as a browser game before moving to Steam. Although the game was developed solely by Nelson, the game has featured various community-made content in the form of curated maps, cosmetics, and skins.

The game has gone through three distinct iterations on Steam: Antique, Classic, and Unturned 3. Unturned 3 is the iteration downloaded by default, but Antique and Classic are available as alternative branches, alongside a "preview" branch that allows for public testing before an update goes live. The game is available from its store page, and community features can be easily found through its community hub.

Unlike its first two iterations, Unturned 3 features Steam Economy integration in the form of random daily playtime drops, a Community Market, and a developer-ran item store called the Stockpile.


Deadzone was created by Nelson Sexton as a game on Roblox in 2012. It is considered the spiritual predecessor of Unturned, and is no longer able to be played.

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