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Smartly Dressed Games Ltd. (SDG) is a Canadian game studio founded by Nelson Sexton.


Nelson Sexton

Nelson meeting with PC Gamer for an interview.

Nelson Sexton is the founder of Smartly Dressed Games. Nelson was born on July 27, 1997, and he has a sister.

Nelson grew up in Calgary, Alberta, before temporarily moving into an apartment in Toronto, Ontario with his girlfriend and Jasper the cat. He has since moved back to Calgary. Despite Prince Edward Island being prominently featured throughout Unturned's various iterations, Nelson did not actually visit the province until July of 2018.

Nelson has used numerous aliases. These include: FriendlyBear, Timberwolf, Builderguy123, DeadzoneZackZak, Greg Stevens, RangerIcicle, and various variations thereof. Most commonly, Nelson represents himself as "SDGNelson".

Nelson can be contacted through his Twitter page, where he semi-frequently tweets about the latest update to Unturned, and occasionally about various things going on in his life. He also has several emails that can be used to reach him for assistance or support, interests in partnering or business, an issue on the forum, or general contact.

Tyler "MoltonMontro"

Tyler, more commonly known under the alias of MoltonMontro, was born on February 8, 2001. He was born and raised in the Midwest, United States. He was officially employed on August 30, 2019, but before that point he was a notable community member.

Although Tyler had played Unturned sporadically, it was not until December 8, 2014 that he actively began to enter the larger community by beginning as an editor on the Unturned Bunker Wiki. Tyler became a moderator for the wiki on September 20, 2015, and would eventually go on to be a bureaucrat for the wiki. In 2018, Tyler became a part of SDG's volunteer forum moderation team as a moderator, and later as an administrator. During this time, Tyler was also working with Nelson Sexton to create the SDG Wiki.

Tyler can be contacted through the official SDG sites, by his Twitter, or via business email.


Unturned II

Unturned II is the current flagship project of Smartly Dressed Games, and will be a free-to-play survival game available on Steam. It is the successor to Unturned.


Unturned was Smartly Dressed Games' previous main project, but is still being developed alongside its sequel Unturned II. It is a zombie survival game, and originally started as a browser game before moving to Steam. Although the game was developed solely by Nelson, the game has featured various community-made content in the form of curated maps, cosmetics, and skins.

The game has gone through three distinct iterations: "antique," "classic," and "version 3." The game is available from its store page, and community features can be easily found through its community hub.

Unlike its first two iterations, version 3 features Steam Economy integration in the form of random daily playtime drops, a Community Market, and a developer-ran item store called the Stockpile.

Through a partnership with Tencent Games, a Chinese version of the game is developed by Hong and operated by UU.


Deadzone was created by Nelson Sexton as a game on Roblox in 2012. It is considered the spiritual predecessor of Unturned, and is no longer able to be played.

Official sites

Additional resources

Volunteer moderators

In addition to SDG employees, there are several volunteer moderators for the various forums used by Smartly Dressed Games. The current volunteer moderators are Yarrrr and Fran-war.

Over the course of SDG's existence, there have been many volunteer moderators who have retired from the team. The now retired moderators include Mezzelo, Deathismad, Cca, The Brave Little Kitten, Hoodlum, kerbholz, Reaver, Shadow, Retuuyo, SongPhoenix, James, Morkva, Cece, and Lu. In addition to the game hub's dedicated moderators, global Steam Community Moderators and members of Steam Support have also helped in moderating the Steam Discussions.

Tyler "MoltonMontro" was also a volunteer moderator before being officially employed.


The Unturned Official Discord server has its own moderation team that functions independently from Smartly Dressed Games, although the server is owned by SDG. The moderation team is divided up between administrators and moderators. Administrators include DeusExMachina, and Yarrrr. Moderators are considered lower ranking than admins, and include Andiq, Arva, khakers, Sherlock Golds, ADumbCanadian, BlueFireExplosion, and Wolf_Maniac.

Previously, the moderation team has included Sven "fr34kyn01535" Mawby, Paladin, MeowMachine, and Owl.