5.56×45mm Short Magazine

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5.56×45mm Short Magazine
Context TypeCommon STANAG Magazine
Capacity15 rounds

The 5.56×45mm Short Magazine is a Rare STANAG Magazine in Unturned II.


The 5.56×45mm Short Magazine takes up one slot in the inventory.


The 5.56×45mm Short Magazine accepts 5.56x45mm ammunition. It can be loaded into firearms that utilize 5.56x45mm ammunition.


The 5.56×45mm Short Magazine can be found attached to weapons that utilize it such as the Eaglefire.

In the Firing Range, they can be found in a code-locked safe, as well as on top of a white block beside the safes.

In Horde Mode Chapel and Horde Mode Potato, the Eaglefire comes with the 5.56×45mm Short Magazine by default. On the Horde Mode Chapel map, one can also be purchased for $300.


  • It is modelled after a STANAG magazine, though they are not typically produced in 15-round capacities.