Small 5.56x45mm Magazine

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Small 5.56x45mm Magazine
Context TypeCommon STANAG Magazine
Capacity15 rounds

The Small 5.56x45mm Magazine is a Rare STANAG Magazine in Unturned II.


The Small 5.56x45mm Magazine takes up one slot in the inventory.


The Small 5.56x45mm Magazine accepts 5.56x45mm ammunition. It can be loaded into firearms that utilize 5.56x45mm ammunition.


The Small 5.56x45mm Magazine can be found attached to weapons that utilize it such as the Eaglefire.

In the Firing Range, they can be found in a code-locked safe, as well as on top of a white block beside the safes.

In Horde Mode Chapel and Horde Mode Potato, the Eaglefire comes with the Small 5.56x45mm Magazine by default. On the Horde Mode Chapel map, one can also be purchased for $300.


  • It is modelled after a STANAG magazine, though they are not typically produced in 15-round capacities.