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The Code of Conduct describes the standards expected of users for when interacting directly or making contributions. These expectations apply to all editors during all interactions on the SDG Wiki, including discussions at talk pages, in edit summaries, and in any other discussion with or about fellow editors.


Avoid incivility, or the appearance of incivility. Rudeness or insensitivity, whether intentional or not, can distract from and interfere with the project.

  • Avoid name-calling.
  • Avoid condescension.
  • Do not make personal attacks anywhere on the SDG Wiki.
  • Assume good faith when interacting with other editors.
  • Do not harass other editors.


Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively in building a wiki. Etiquette is rooted in common sense intuitions about working together. Be friendly and flexible, act in good faith, and focus on improving SDG Wiki articles.

  • Unless there is evidence to the contrary, always assume that an editor's actions were made in good faith.
  • Civilly work towards ending disputes.
  • Argue facts, not personalities.
  • Be polite.
  • Avoid ignoring reasonable questions.
  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  • Forgive and forget.
  • Recognize your own biases, and keep them in check.
  • Avoid making indirect criticism.


Harassment—including threats, intimidation, repeated annoying and unwanted contact or attention, and repeated personal attacks—is damaging to the work of building a wiki. Harassment of an editor on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability is not allowed.

  • Avoid singling out specific users by repeatedly inhibiting their work with the intent of creating irritation.
  • Do not threaten other editors.
  • Posting another editor's personal information without their permission is harassment, unless that person has already voluntarily posted such information publicly.


Editors are generally expected to edit using at most one account. This improves accountability and increases community trust. While there are some valid reasons for maintaining multiple accounts, this section refers to the improper uses of multiple accounts (called sock puppetry).

Sock puppetry can take various forms:

  • Logging out to make problematic edits as an IP address.
  • Creating new accounts to avoid detection.
  • Using another person's account.
  • Reviving old unused accounts and presenting them as different users.
  • Persuading others to create accounts for the purpose of supporting one side of a dispute.

Misuse of multiple accounts is a serious breach of community trust, and may lead to administrative action being taken. Misuse includes attempts to deceive or mislead other editors, disrupt discussions, distort consensus, avoid sanctions, evade blocks, or otherwise violate community standards and policies.

Username policy[edit]

This policy describes what kinds of usernames are acceptable on the SDG Wiki.

Editors choose their username when creating a user account. All contributions made using that account will then be attributed to the chosen username (contributions made while not logged in to any account are attributed to the user's IP address). Not all usernames are acceptable on the SDG Wiki.

This section lists the types of usernames that are considered inappropriate. However, the list is not necessarily exhaustive, and common sense should be used when applying these rules.

  • Misleading usernames are not permitted. This includes usernames that impersonate other people, give the impression of user access levels the account does not have, give the incorrect impression that the account may be officially affiliated with the SDG Wiki, or resemble IP addresses.
  • Disruptive or offensive usernames are not permitted. Usernames should not reference community controversies, contain or imply personal attacks, intend to provoke emotional reaction, or otherwise show a clear intent to disrupt the SDG Wiki.
  • Usernames that are clearly abusive towards any race, religion, or social groups are strictly prohibited.
  • Unambiguously promotional usernames are not permitted. Content hosted on the SDG Wiki should not be for advertising, marketing, or self-promotion.