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The Remote Console tools exist to help you administer your server without connecting as a player.

There are two ways to invoke Rcon: HTTP Requests or the Rcon Protocol


to-doc The setup process isn't finalized yet, as I want you to be able to assign Rcon keys permissions and configure the port in the server config.

HTTP Requests

Intended for web-based control panels to run commands on the server.

Requests can be sent to {Server}/rcon/{Command}?key={Key}&arg1=value1&arg2=value2

Key Value
Command Id of a command as would be used in chat, e.g. teleport or tp
Key An authorized Rcon key you've assigned permissions to run this command.
Arg Key=Value pairs of arguments to the command.

Responses are returned in JSON. If a command was found and executed the response looks like:

{ "Success": true, "Output": "{Logs}" }

Whereas a failed response which didn't execute a command will contain an error explanation:

{ "Success": false, "Error": "{Explanation}" }

Rcon Protocol

to-doc Using the protocol is more complex than the HTTP requests, but has the advantage of streaming log data from the server.