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Props are actors used to build the level's environment. They are equivalent to the Objects in version 3.

Measurement Specifications

Keeping dimensions consistent between props is important to maintain a cohesive art style.


Type Specs
Room Height 3m
Foundation Depth 1m below lowest doorway
Wall Width 25cm
Normal Doorway 1.75m wide by 2.25m tall


One issue in version 3 was inconsistent window sizing which meant buildable barricades couldn't properly cover them. While not implemented yet, version 4 has several default window sizes to generally follow. Breakable glass and frame props will be designed to fit these window sizes.

Type Specs
Window 1m above floor and 50cm below ceiling
Small Window 1m wide by 1.5m tall
Medium Window 1.5m wide by 1.5m tall
Large Window 2m wide by 1.5m tall
Type Specs
Lower Lip Trim 5cm above/below, and 10cm out to the sides
Edge Trim 5cm above/below, and 5cm out to the sides

Here is a good reference for window types: