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The Unturned II Dev Kit is a modified version of the Unreal Engine 4 development kit, and is the central modding tool.

Getting started[edit]

Recommended programs[edit]

  • Unreal Engine 4
    • Particle effects are made in the Niagara Editor.
  • Autodesk Maya

Optional programs[edit]

  • Blender

Public assets[edit]


Nelson's 4.0 modding info page :)

Designing this for personal reference as well as modder reference, so it will be consistently up-to-date. This is not done

Sorry for the mess Molton hehe


  • All static meshes should be inside blueprints, even if they do not require additional data.
  • Normal maps are not currently being used.
  • Animating meshes inside of Unreal Engine is acceptable.
  • Public access to the car mesh, alongside proper car documentation, will be released sometime soon.
  • Building LODs are being created manually. For anything else, if the results are good enough with Unreal's automatic LOD generation then that is suitable.
  • All mods should have a top-level folder for its content similar to how Unturned II's content is stored in a top-level folder named "UE4".
  • Roads and tunnels are built using splines. Static meshes are used for road intersections.
  • Most objects should only need two LODs.
  • Unturned II will have no visually openable containers except for a few specific static props.
  • Destructible props are planned.