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{{Infobox attachments (U4)
{{Infobox attachments (U4)
| name = Large Scope
| name = Large Scope
| image =
| image = Large Scope icon.png
| image size =
| image size =
| rarity = Common
| rarity = Common

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Large Scope
[[File:Large Scope icon.png center]]
Context Type Common Optic Attachment
Size 1 slots (1 × 1)
Rail System Picatinny

The Large Scope is an Common Optic Attachment in Unturned II.


It takes up two slots in the inventory. The Large Scope is compatible with the Picatinny rail system.


  • The scope is based on the Schmidt & Bender 6x42 Klassik and the 3-12x50 PM II.
  • It is the first scope added to the game.

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