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Guide icon.png This is a community guide.
This page is maintained by the community, and will walk you through a specific task or mechanic. As this guide is maintained by the community, it may fail to provide the most reliable support on the subject.

The default controls for Unturned II are listed below. Controls can be changed in the Input section of the main menu.

List of default keys[edit]


Action Keyboard
Move Left A
Move Right D
Move Backward S
Move Forward W
Jump Space Bar
Tune Pace ⇪ Caps Lock
Tune Stance Left Ctrl
Walking n/a
Sneak C
Run Left Shift
Standing n/a
Crouch X
Prone Z
Faster Pace - Digital ⎇ Alt+
Slower Pace - Digital ⎇ Alt+
Raise Stance - Digital Ctrl+
Lower Stance - Digital Ctrl+
Slower Pace - Analog Page Down ↓
Faster Pace - Analog Page Up ↑
Lower Stance - Analog Page Down ↓
Raise Stance - Analog Page Up ↑


Action Keyboard
Left Shoulder Q
Right Shoulder E
Perspective Mouse Button 4
Free Look Left Alt


Action Keyboard
Primary Attack Left Mouse Button
Secondary Attack Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Inspect T
Optics Radial Menu Y
Previous Optic ⇧ Shift+Y
Next Optic Ctrl+Y


Action Keyboard
Interact F
Cycle Previous or Scroll Up
Cycle Next or Scroll Down


Action Keyboard
Dashboard Tab ↹
Main Menu Escape
Text Chat J
Dismiss All Popups ← Backspace
Toggle HUD Home ⇱
High Resolution Screenshot Insert


Action Keyboard
Split Stack Left Control
Rotate Clockwise R
Rotate Counter-Clockwise ⇧ Shift+R


Action Keyboard
Signal Left Q
Signal Right E
Signal Hazard Q+E
Emergency Brake Space Bar
Ignition V
Horn Left Mouse Button
Headlights G
Low Beams G
High Beams G (Hold)


Action Keyboard
Switch Seat #1 Ctrl+Num 1
Switch Seat #2 Ctrl+Num 2
Switch Seat #3 Ctrl+Num 3
Switch Seat #4 Ctrl+Num 4
Switch Seat #5 Ctrl+Num 5
Switch Seat #6 Ctrl+Num 6
Switch Seat #7 Ctrl+Num 7
Switch Seat #8 Ctrl+Num 8


Action Keyboard
Vehicle Window #1 Num 1
Vehicle Window #2 Num 2
Vehicle Window #3 Num 3
Vehicle Window #4 Num 4
Vehicle Window #5 Num 5
Vehicle Window #6 Num 6
Vehicle Window #7 Num 7
Vehicle Window #8 Num 8