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Bipod 143.png
Military grade bipod. Reduces recoil and spread when prone.
Context typeEpic Grip Attachment
Size2 slots (1 × 2)
BipodOnly confers bonuses when prone.
Recoil𝘟-axis: 0.4 multiplier
𝘠-axis: 0.4 multiplier
Spread0.4 multiplier
Scope sway0.5 multiplier
Shake0.4 multiplier
Internal ID: 143

The Bipod is is a grip attachment in Unturned (version 3). When lying prone, it reduces the recoil caused by shooting.

It can be attached to any ranged weapon with a grip attachment hook.


The grip can be rarely found at military locations, and most other places or sources with military-grade loot.