BakeNation Horde Chapel Event October 2019

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BakeNation Horde Chapel Event October 2019 was organized by BakeNation, and featured sixteen competitors in a race to get $11,500 in game dollars first. The entirety of the competition took place on October 20, 2019, although sign-ups occurred prior.


The original tournament posting had the $ goal at $100,000 but game staff quickly realized this was too high and was continually lowered over several failed attempts by the competitors. Started at $100,000 -> $40,000 -> $30,000 -> $20,000 -> $11,500.

Game staff

  • Flagicon United States.png HoldBaker


  • 16 players in a Horde Chapel match, first to $11,500 wins.


  • Flagicon Latvia.png CRAZY CAT
  • Flagicon Canada.png Great Hero J
  • Flagicon Poland.png Danaby2
  • Flagicon United States.png Paladin
  • Flagicon Canada.png SDGNelson
  • Flagicon United States.png SomebodyOnEarth
  • Flagicon United States.png pulpfreewater
  • Flagicon Undefined.png skydragonfire05
  • Flagicon United States.png CravenWarrior
  • Flagicon Canada.png King Frog
  • Flagicon United Kingdom.png Cryptogram
  • Flagicon United States.png PumpKoi
  • Flagicon United States.png NaturalEvo
  • Flagicon South Africa.png Justin_
  • Flagicon United States.png Brivdon


Danaby2 reached $11,500 at 2:36 PM EDT.

Danaby2 reaches $11,550 money – enough to win in the event.
Place Prize Contestant
1st $50 USD
Flagicon Poland.png Danaby2