7.62×51mm Firing Range Gun

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7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun
7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun model.png
Context TypeCommon Long Rifle
Size10 slots (5 × 2)
Fire ModesSemi
Rail SystemPicatinny
HooksMagazine, Optic
Magazines7.62x51mm Sniper Mag
Chambered for use with 7.62x51mm ammunition.

The 7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun is a Common Long Rifle in Unturned II.


Pressing LMB fires the 7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun, while holding RMB allows for aiming down sights. Pressing T opens the attachment menu.

It spawns with the Large Scope and 7.62x51mm Sniper Mag by default. As a two-handed item, it cannot be dual-wielded. It takes up eight slots in the inventory.

After firing a shot, the bolt must be cycled before another shot can be fired. This can be done with R.


The 7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun is chambered in 7.62x51mm ammunition. It can accept 7.62x51mm Sniper Mags as ammunition.

Firing modes

  • Single

Attachment system

By default, the 7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun utilizes a Picatinny rail system. It can accept an optic attachment, as long as they are compatible with the rail system.

Ability stats


On the Firing Range, one can be found in an Iron Code Safe. The player may also interact with a nearby node that indefinitely spawns them.

On the CQC map, two Weapon Cases on the highest rooftop spawn them.

In the Horde Mode maps Horde Chapel and Horde Potato, one can be purchased for $400.