5.56×45mm Magazine

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5.56×45mm Magazine
5.56x45mm Magazine icon.png
Context TypeRare STANAG Magazine
Capacity30 rounds

The 5.56×45mm Magazine is an Rare STANAG Magazine in Unturned II.


The 5.56×45mm Magazine takes up two slots in the inventory.


The 5.56×45mm Magazine accepts 5.56×45mm ammunition. It can be loaded into firearms that utilize 5.56×45mm ammunition.


The 5.56×45mm Magazine can be found attached to weapons that utilize it such as the Eaglefire.

In Horde Potato, one can be purchased for $1,000. In Horde Sandbox inside a one-floor house, one can be purchased for $600.


  • It is the first magazine attachment added to the game.
  • It is modeled after a STANAG magazine.
  • Before its public inclusion, it was named 5.56mm STANAG Magazine.